Why are the Ducks retaining coach Dallas Eakins, and what might that say about their future? – Athleticism

SUNRISE, Fla. — Until the start of this season, the Ducks either used the word “rebuild” in a low voice or treated it as if it were contagion. Now it’s like it’s part of their everyday lexicon.

Consider what Coach Dallas Eakins had to say Sunday night after his team’s loss to Carolina.

“You can really see the pace they played tonight,” Eakins said. “Even on a good night, if we’re rested and ready to go, we’re probably still overwhelmed right now with where our team is and where their team is.”

And then he added this brutal assessment.

“Let’s face it,” he said. “This (Carolina) team is looking to win the Stanley Cup. We are somewhere in the reconstruction. That’s the difference.

There is the word R. Eakins did not hesitate to use it. Not at all. This was often brought up during his post-match media sessions. He appeared after days of training in between. It’s been heartwarming to repeatedly reference the rebuild as the Ducks stagger to the finish, with a hopeful and long overshooting start.

It could be seen as an excuse to lose. But it could also just be an expression of the cold hard facts.

The team just isn’t good enough. Not yet. Maybe one day. Not now.

That comfort Eakins had singing the rebuilding song provided a hint that he knows he will continue to lead the Ducks in 2022-23. Athletic learned on Monday that general manager Pat Verbeek would take over the club’s option in Eakins’ contract for next season.

Since being hired in February, Verbeek has conducted assessments across the organization.

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