Why is it everyone’s job to raise good children?

Under the auspices of the Center for Ethics and Political Communication Used in Africa (CAEPOCOM Africa), several actors in the field of gender and schooling recently met in Ibadan to learn about the place of the boy in current Nigerian society. Ibadan Boys Summit 2022 with the theme ‘Bodacious Boy’.

The summit provided city boys between the ages of 10 and 18 with the long-awaited alternative to debate the battle of values ​​in society and learn to develop productive habits such as respect, love, honesty, excellence, teamwork and satisfaction. by raising boys with values ​​that society might call “bodacious.”

According to Aisha Momoh, CAEPOCOM Africa Program Coordinator, the annual summit is a challenge under the Heart’s Restore Masculinity for Sustainable Coexistence (REMASCO) program.

She noted that CAEPOCOM Africa has noticed how much attention has been given to women and girls over the past three years, while men have been left to fend for themselves.

He complained that in the past boys had been denied the opportunity to be children because society wanted them to be boys, regardless of their age, feelings or general well-being. .

“The situation has turned out to be so dire that gathering demands are no longer seen as incompetence, which usually ends in crime, violence and suicide,” Momoh said. “So to that end, raising good young people is everyone’s business.”

Mr. Morohunkola Thomas, Chairman of the event and former Commissioner of Education in Oyo State, lamented the stress, stress and unnecessary obligations placed on the boy in recent times, which has caused many to drop out of college. becoming a member of a filthy company, committing a criminal offense or seeking illegal methods of earning money.

She also spoke out that too much obligation and expectation from boys and an excessive amount of care and security for women inspire women to be more daring, dynamic and even productive than boys.

“They were created to carry grudges. It is a cultural factor. It’s not just happening in Nigeria, it’s happening all over the world,” Thomas said.

On the one hand, he added. “I was fascinated by this summit as it marks a shift in our cultural orientation, especially when it comes to boys, as the man-child psychology needs to be checked.”

Dr Sharon Omotoso, heart director and senior lecturer at the College of Ibadan, noted that the summit was acceptable. Omotoso shares her experiences as the Coordinator of the College of Ibadan African Research Institute, Heart for Ladies’s Analysis and Documentation (WORDOC), explaining how many inquiries about women and women have resulted in stakeholder inquiries . males and boys.

She reiterated that women should stop looking only for spouse materials and acknowledged that “men also want to start looking at how to fit in as son materials, husband materials and father materials.”

Prince Olayemi Silva, head of Grenville Empowerment Community Africa (GENA), spoke of “cash flow issues”. “You have to know what money can do for you,” Silva said. “And studying tips on how to save will show you how to do it now and sooner or later.”

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