Won’t quit Congress, party can impeach me if they want: Sandeep, Sunil Jakhar’s MP nephew

A day after Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) Chairman Amrinder Singh Raja Warring hit former PPCC leader Sunil Kumar Jakhar, who recently joined the BJP, saying he could have taken his nephew Sandeep Jakhar also in the saffron party, the latter calling it “sheer arrogance” on the part of Congress leaders. The MP for Abohar also said he would not resign from the party.

Sunil Kumar Jakhar is the paternal uncle of Sandeep, a Congressman from Abohar constituency in Punjab. Both live in the same house in Abohar. Speaking to The Indian Express about Warring’s statement, Sandeep said, “Although I have removed the flag of Congress from the top of my house, I will continue to serve Abohar as an MP as they m trusted despite a very strong wave of badlaav. . I won’t resign, if they (Congress) want to kick me out, that’s up to them. Their statements indicate that they have already made up their minds… Therefore, they are free to do whatever they want.

MLA Abohar, Sandeep Jakhar interacting with voters in the area.

“The statements show the sheer arrogance of the top leadership in Congress as they are not willing to learn from their mistakes even in this hour of crisis. Two days ago I received a call from the PPCC office and I I was delegated to Lehragaga constituency for the upcoming Sangrur Lok Sabha by-election and even attended party meetings in mid-May called by the leader of the Congress Legislative Party (CLP), Partap Singh Bajwa, and now they talk like this against me. At least they have to talk to me about what I mean, what I think… everyone respects each other,” added Sandeep Jakhar.

He added: “…in this case, they must also ask the same question to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi…because within their family, Maneka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi are part of the BJP. Fateh Jang Bajwa, brother of CLP leader Bajwa, is a member of the BJP. So there should be the same criteria for everyone…why am I left out,” he asked.

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Sandeep Jakhar won the Abohar election by a margin of 5,471 votes beating AAP’s Deepak Kamboj. Sunil Jakhar had been MP for this constituency for three consecutive terms in 2002, 2007 and 2012, but lost in 2017.

“Earlier, they did the same with Sunil-ji…they had made up their mind about him too…However, he waited until the end for Sonia Gandhi to speak to him once and listen to his version, and when no communication came…he joined the BJP and clearly told JP Nadda, BJP National Chairman, that he came with a very heavy heart. His integrity was impeccable,” Sandeep added.

Speaking about his future plans, he said, “I will continue to serve people as MP Abohar.” He has so far not indicated any plans to move to the BJP. “All senior party leaders need to come out of their arrogance and learn from their mistakes…there is a limit someone can be pushed to…Everyone has self-respect and that needs to be maintained. “

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