[WORD_ON_THE_WEB] “It is beyond freedom of assembly and association”

On Sunday, the presidential security service announced it had redesignated a guarded area near former President Moon Jae-in’s residence, located in Pyeongsan Village in Yangsan, south Gyeongsang. The previous security zone was limited to the fenced area around his residence. From Monday, the security zone was extended up to 300 meters from the fences.

“People who gathered for demonstrations or rallies in front of the residence used fake guns and box cutters, which is considered dangerous,” the security service said. “We concluded that there was a need to strengthen the security forces for the former president. . Residents who suffer the inconvenience caused by the protesters have also been taken into account.”

On August 15, Kim Jung-sook, Moon’s wife, sued a 65-year-old protester, who had been taking part in protests since May, for intimidation. The day after his lawsuit, police arrested him without a warrant for threatening one of Moon’s secretaries with a box cutter. The assailant was taken into custody on a charge of special intimidation.

“It’s the right thing to do. They must not turn a blind eye to illegal protests and threats. The law must be fair and strict.
“Swear and threaten with a knife? They cross the line. It is beyond freedom of assembly and association.

“How many personnel will it take to expand the guarded area?
“Moon already has 60 security guards.”

“The residents of the neighborhood are suffering a lot. Are there no solutions to avoid the situation?
“Ban unwanted protests and you’ll save taxpayers’ money too.”

BY KIM EUN-SONG, BY HAN HYE-RIM [[email protected]]

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